What is included in the service?

We mow (with mulching mowers), line trim, Edge, and blow clean concrete areas. The mow day is guaranteed (excluding weather delays or equipment failure), but we do not guarantee the time of day the crew will arrive.

What is not included in the service?

On our mowing service, We do not clean up pet waste, move furniture, or other items on the lawn, pull weeds, apply fertilizer or spray any chemicals. Ask us the price details of our bush & Bed crew or bagging the grass.

Commonly Asked Questions

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We mow from March thru November 38 week regular season. After the regular season, the winter season begins with monthly mowing schedules to take of winter weeds/grass and the mulching mowers help the fallen leaves, we schedule every 4 weeks to take care of winter weeds/grass, and the mulching mowers help the fallen leafs. Of course if you have a lot of leaves, call us for a referral for a leaf cleanup. You will receive a detailed calendar in mid-February with all of the mow dates for the entire season. In November we mail you a winter every 4 week schedule. If at any time you want to change your schedule or opt out of the winter schedule, just contact our office at least the day before your next schedule mow. All new customers will receive a detailed calendar showing all the mow dates for the remaining weeks of the season.

If you feel anything was damaged during the mowing service, please notify our office within 24 hours, so that our management team can speak with the crew, collect photos, and determine the cause of the damage.   If the damage was caused by our crew, our customer service manager will order the repair to be done or reimburse the customer for the cost to repair. Please do not try to report alleged damage weeks or months after the service was performed, it makes determining cause virtually impossible.

We use the county records to find the gross square footage before improvements which is usually correct, but we review all signups or address changes to insure that the ratio of the actual turf is correct, so re pricing is possible either up or down. If you choose front or back only, your price will be lowered 1 bracket unless most of the turf is in front or back.

Any lawn that is over 6 inches up to 12 inches tall, we consider overgrown. Please let us know upon sign up that your lawn is overgrown, we charge twice the normal rate for the first mow. If the lawn is over 12 inches tall, we will be unable to service.  If the crew arrives & determines your lawn is over 12 inches tall, they will send the office a photo of it and skip the mowing. Our customer service team will contact the customer to explain the lawn is too tall for us to service.

Please contact our office immediately (within 24 hours of your scheduled mow) to let our customer service team know about the specific problems you are seeing with the work. If you call within 1 day of your service then we will send the crew back to re-mow free of charge. If you contact our offices with a complaint several days after your last mow, then the customer service rep will notate your complaints on the account & a manager will discuss these issues with the crew for the next mow.

Please contact our office immediately (within 24 hours of your scheduled mow) to let our customer service team know you think the lawn was not mowed.  If your last mow was within the last 3 days, we will send a crew by to mow again. If you contact our office several days after your last mow, then we will check our work logs & with the crew supervisor to discuss what might have occurred. The biggest issue here is time, because grass grows, so determining what happened can be impossible if too much time has elapsed.

Crews are careful to avoid pets escaping, but we do not assume responsibility. We highly recommend leaving pets inside or kenneling them on your mow day.  We cannot give a specific time that your mowing will occur, though we do guarantee the day. The mow times can vary depending upon the weather, traffic, route selection, and what crew is assigned to mow your property that day.

Please let the office know what the combination is to your lock, if you do not have a combination lock, we will provide a FREE combo lock at the first mowing & the combo will be printed on the back of it for you to remove.  If you do not want a combo lock on your gate, then the gate will need to be unlocked all day when your mowing is scheduled, but the mow times can vary due to weather, traffic, and route selection.

We only offer scheduled mowing but please contact our office for referrals. We have many referrals for these jobs.

Absolutely, we have available crews during the winter to service customers with ACTIVE accounts, the rate will be the same as the in season rate & you can call for 1 time winter mows as needed. In select markets, we automatically mow every 4 weeks, in these markets, customers will be sent a winter mow calendar mid-November. The winter season is the week after Thanksgiving through February, most customers in these markets will receive approximately 3 winter mows depending on the calendar.

Simply call our office at least 1 day prior to your next scheduled mow & ask to cancel the account. We do not offer SAME DAY cancellations or to cancel at a future date.

We carry $20 million dollars of general liability insurance plus an umbrella policy that covers anything else that our general liability does not.  Most times the damage claims we receive are minor (broken windows), we pay those invoices in house so the repairs can be completed quickly.

Due to our heavy volume of credit card transactions, we are required to be PCI compliant.  This means that your card information is not domiciled on our computers and only the last four digits of the card number are seen.

No Problem, just notify our office at least 1 day prior to your next scheduled mowing and you can choose a less frequent schedule that better accommodates the growth of your lawn.  We do not accept SAME DAY skips, so if you call the day of your mow, the crew will mow that day & the new schedule will take effect after that. Our crews do not determine whether your lawn needs to be mowed or not, they mow all the lawns on their route every day, so be sure to let us know the correct schedule you desire.

We do not offer discounts for pools since it actually takes as much effort to line trim around the entire perimeter of the pool (not above ground pools) & to try to avoid getting clippings in the pool as it would to just mow the area where the pool sits.  Our crews pay extra attention to avoid getting clippings in the pool but wind conditions & the proximity of the grass areas to the water play a big part in how much grass ends up in the pool.  Our crews never intentionally blow grass in the pool, but it can be difficult to keep out 100%.

We charge for each mowing the day after service to the credit/debit card on file. It usually takes 2-4 days for the charge to appear on your statement, all Friday mows get charged on the following Monday.  If a card is declined, our accounting department will call the customer to inform them, if no answer then we will leave a voicemail. Our automated system continues to try to obtain an approval each day, if an approval has not been obtained by the day before the next mow, and then our accounting department will call the customer again.   If the decline cannot be cleared up, then the next mowing will be skipped & a letter will be mailed to the customer about the decline.  We will wait to hear from the customer & we will continue to try to obtain an approval for 8 weeks, if an approval is never obtained then the customer will be purged from our system.

Weekly mowing is the industry standard & appropriate for most customers during the peak growing season.  We realize that some customers like to utilize our less frequent schedules for budget reasons, lack of irrigation, drought, etc.  We are happy to mow a schedule the customer feels appropriate, but be sure the lawn isn’t getting too tall between mows. When the grass gets too tall between mows, then our mulching mowers have a hard time processing the extra debris which results in “clumping” on your lawn.   When clumping occurs or other service issues related to tall grass a customer has a tendency to be upset with our crews, when it could simply be fixed by having a weekly schedule during peak growth periods (April-October).

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Yes. Please contact our office for referrals.