The county deed records that most companies use to set their price, is outdated. It does not reflect the actual turf to be mowed.

There are 2 things we consider.

1. The footprint of the improvements vary from 1,000 ft in a small house to 7,000 ft. of a large house.

2. The City or state reserved an easement that they can widen the street if necessary and that easement is in your lawn. It can be a small amount on inside lots or a larger amount if your lot fronts 2 or 3 streets.

Our software calculates these considerations and is 95% accurate when we quote you a price. However, if you feel it was not accurate, please let us know & we will measure the actual turf manually.

Feel free to get your price at Instant Quote by putting in your street address & zip code, nothing else.

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